Monday, September 13, 2010

Solving Driver Issues with the Current Cost ENVI Prolific PL2303 USB Cable

A couple of our customers have recently had some strange issues with both Vista and Windows 7 x64 with installing the drivers for the USB Cable (which contains a Prolific PL2303 chip).

Anyway, the following link seems to have solved everyone's problems:

Which lead to:

Which lead to this: which is version 1013 (WHQL Win 7 x64 Version

Now, we can't guarantee that this software isn't going to eat your computer alive from the inside because it isn't our software and we haven't tested it. However, it seems to have solved the issues.


  1. Has this "solution" actually worked for anyone? I've got an Envi-R with the all white USB cable and simply cannot get the drivers to install correctly and work properly. I've tried ALL permutations of the following combinations:
    * 3 different machines & operating systems:
    - WinXP Pro SP3, Atom-230-ION nettop
    - Win7 Ultimate 32bit, Atom N455 netbook
    - Win7x64 Enterprise, Dell Latitude E6400

    * 5 different versions of the PL2303 drivers:
    - direct download from SmartNow website = Vista/Win7-v3.3.2.102
    - Installer_1025
    - Installer_v1210 = Win7-v3.3.11.152 = WinXP-v2.0.13.130
    - Installer_v130 = Win7-v3.3.11.152 = WinXP-v2.0.13.130
    - finally the one "recommended" in this blog, the "GPS_AllInOne_1013" driver.

    So I've tried ALL combinations - all 5 driver sets on all 3 machines/OS arrangements ... and on each occasion I get the same error:
    "The Device Cannot Start (Code 10)"

    In each case the old drivers were completely uninstalled and removed, system rebooted, and new driver set installed from fresh. Nothing seems to work.

    I'd greatly appreciate any help anyone can shed on this.


  2. I'm with Nick,

    tried the SmartNow driver, and the GPS all-in-one driver, and neither worked.

    This is with Vista 64-bit.

    - Phil

  3. Update: removed all traces of the drivers, and rebooted.

    Installed the pl2303.exe package from (from, and then plugged in the USB - it worked!

    Try cleaning up as per this forum post:

    Don't use the package.

    - Phil

  4. Well I've tried all that and still can't get it working
    Windows 7 with service pack 1
    Neither 64 bit nor 32bit PC's

  5. Windows 7 64bit,

    PL2303 Noname Black Usb-2-Com dongle

    Ok with: