Friday, September 24, 2010

Faulty / inefficient aircon unit costing $228 per year in standby!

After Scott's first email, that we posted here:

... we got another email from him this morning:

"My journey of discovery didn't end at the hot water system.

My night time standby power has been consistently over 200 watts since I installed the ENVI. From my googling the average for Australia is 86 watts.... So I turned absolutely everything off in the house. Still reading 140 watts?

Next stop was the power board. I started by turning the obvious circuits off. Stovetop, oven, aircon ciruit.

As soon as I turned the airco circuit off, the meter dropped [130W] to 10 watts. I was dumb founded. The aircon was not running, but turning the circuit back on showed it consumes 130 watts in standby.

I confirmed it was the outdoor component of the split system by turning the isolation switch off at the outdoor unit.

[Once I'd turned this off, the house draws] only 10 watts in use (which is the dc converters for the down lights)."

We did some quick maths on Scott's findings.

130W = 0.13kW.

0.13 x 24 hours x 365 days = 1138 kWh (or units of electricity) used per year!

At $0.20 per kWh (that's an average across Australia) that's $228 a year.

Over ten years, that's $2280, assuming that power prices aren't going up!

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