Thursday, September 2, 2010

Using the Current Cost ENVI to hunt down faulty appliances

We just received an email from a lady who we spoke with a month or so ago.

She had just received a Current Cost ENVI from us (, and was concerned about the readings it was showing. With nothing on in the house she couldn't get the power consumption down to below 6-700 Watts, even by turning the fridges and freezer off.

It turns out that two things were happening:
1) The Septic System Sludge Pump was stuck on and running 24 hours a day
2) The fan on the top (that is on 24 hours a day) was pulling 250 - 300W - considerably more than the advertised 100W.

By finding and solving these two issues, we think she'll have saved $700 a year (workings below) just with the fan, which she is replacing completely for a whirlybird.

300 W = 0.3 kW
0.3 kW x 24 hours = 8 kWh = 8 units of electricity
Average electricity cost = $0.22 / kWh
Total cost per year = 8 kWh x $0.22 x 365 = $700 per year.

Get a Current Cost ENVI today and discover where your power is going.

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