Sunday, February 28, 2010

Recalibrate your TV and save money!

I stumbled across a useful little article whilst researching something completely different...

Apparently, most TVs, when they come out of the box, are set at a very bright setting. This means that your expensive Energy Star gogglebox is sucking back more juice than it realistically needs to.

In some examples, by setting the television to the correct level, you can save an average of US$9 a year.... and in some cases, over US$25 a year (assuming that the TV is on 5 hours a day).

In some homes where the TV (or multiple TVs) are always on, this can add up to some serious cash over the lifetime of your pride and joy.

Let me know what you think... Thanks!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

SmartNow / Current Cost ENVI home energy display

The ENVI is about the get enhanced capability to upload energy consumption information to your PC and the Internet.

The Current Cost ENVI wireless home energy monitor can be connected to a PC using the optional USB cable available from and

However, a new product (shhh... top secret) is about to make this astoundingly easy!

We'll keep you posted, but keep an eye out for the update!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Current Cost TREC is now here in Australia and New Zealand

Great news! We've just received the first delivery of the Current Cost TREC!

The TREC home energy monitor is the baby brother to the ENVI, and is available from our websites at and

The TREC is simpler and smaller than the ENVI, but realistically it only lacks the PC interface and the capability to deal with 3-phase power. It's really sleek and we're really pleased that it's arrived.

This is perfect for those who do not require the bells and whistles that the ENVI offers, or those who require a separate display for use elsewhere in their house (i.e. one in the office, one in the kitchen).

More very exciting developments on their way over the next few days. These are exciting times for the home energy monitor market as Current Cost launch their latest offerings into the antipodean market through SmartNow. Of particular importance to us is how we can offer the ENVI and TREC wireless home energy monitors to low-income households and those vulnerable to the rising electricity prices in Australia.