Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Aussies do their bit as solar use surges. Will you invest in solar energy in 2011?

Before Christmas The Age reported that Australians installed more than 100,000 rooftop solar panels in 2010, more than in the entire previous decade.

The article highlights research from Clean Energy Australia which provides an interesting insight into how Australia uses renewable energy. This report showed that 8.67 per cent of Australia's electricity was provided by renewable resources in 2010. With electricity prices on the rise there has never been a better time to invest in clean energy.

If you are considering investing in a solar system in 2011, get yourself a Current Cost EnviR from SmartNow and hook it up to Google PowerMeter.

An EnviR will be particularly useful if you are on a Net feed-in tariff (where you are paid for every unused kWh which you push back to the grid) as it will allow you to monitor and reduce the amount of energy consumption in your home therefore maximising your payback and ensuring you make back the money on your investment faster!

For a detailed breakdown of how this can be achieved check out our previous blog:

Visit SmartNow's webshop to view the Current Cost EnviR and our solar monitoring kits:


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