Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The Current Cost Bridge is On Sale in Australia and New Zealand - connect direct to Google PowerMeter

The Current Cost Bridge is now on sale from SmartNow in New Zealand and Australia

This allows you to connect a Current Cost ENVI or ENVI-R to Google PowerMeter without having your computer on. The Bridge plugs into the back of the ENVI, and connects to one of the ports on your internet router. The data from your ENVI is then pushed to your personal area on the Current Cost website (details to follow) and then can be forwarded on, should you require, to Google PowerMeter which installs on your iGoogle homepage!

For less than $50, the Current Cost Bridge brings Google PowerMeter and reduced power bills a step closer for people all over Australia and New Zealand.

The Bridges are on sale from SmartNow for delivery at the end of September.

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