Saturday, May 22, 2010

Smart Meters not so Smart

The Age this morning ran this article.

Whilst we at SmartNow are generally in favour of Smart Meters, we're in favour of it being done properly. At the moment, the allegation that the consumer is paying for the Smart Meter, but the power company gets all the benefit are completely true.

It is a real shame that they are not including real-time displays with the rollout, as this is effectively the only way that people can learn to reduce their power bills. Getting a power reading for the previous 24 hours just doesn't cut it.

Peer reviewed studies from around the world have repeatedly found that getting instantaneous information about consumption is the only way that people can learn how to reduce their energy use. You turn something on or off, and watch the power spike or fall.

Instead, with the feedback that customers are getting here, you turn a device on or off and have to wait 24 hours to see the effect.

So, whilst we're waiting for this system to be put right, get a Current Cost ENVI or TREC and slash your power bills.

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