Sunday, October 11, 2009

SmartNow Australia - New Zealand

Welcome to the SmartNow Blog!

This Blog is going to be all about how to reduce your power bills by making simple savings. However, first of all, we really need to tell you about who we are and what we do, so that will be the topic of the first post...

SmartNow is the Australian Importer and Distributor of the Current Cost range of energy saving devices, including the Current Cost Envi, and we're now open for business in Australia and New Zealand at

Over 600,000 of these amazing products have been installed in homes in the UK. They are Real Time Displays - simply, they sit on your desk, or in your kitchen, or on the table beside the front door, and tell you how much electricity you are using and how much money you are spending!

It is estimated that 8% of Australia's electricity is wasted by devices left on standby - the Current Cost Envi can help you track down and eliminate these "Vampire" appliances, and help you understand where you are using your power.

It also enables you to ensure that everything is turned off as you leave the house - no more coming home to discover lights, aircon, heating, irons and hairstraighteners left on.

This saves you money, saves the environment (Australia's power generation is largely dependent on very polluting brown coal power stations), and makes sure that those hairstraighteners are not going to set fire to the carpet.
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